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Internet e-safety

We take e-safety extremely seriously at Corsham Primary School.  Internet safety lessons are built into PSHE lessons three times a year in every year group.

Try out Captain Kara and Winston's Smart Adventure to see how e-safe you are.

We use the think u know Cyber Cafe website in Key Stage 2 and Hectors World website in Key Stage 1/Foundation Stage. Click on the links below to find out more about how to use the internet safely.


e-safety Information for parents/carers

The Internet has become an important aspect of everyday life to which children need to be able to respond safely and responsibly.

At Corsham Primary School we believe that the Internet offers a valuable resource for teachers and children providing ways to communicate with others world-wide and initiate cultural exchanges between pupils. Access to the Internet offers both students and teachers vast, diverse, and unique resources and helps to raise educational standards. It supports the professional work of staff, enhancing the school’s management information and business administrative systems.

The main reason that we provide Internet access to our teachers and students is to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, and communication. Access to online interactive learning spaces where pupils can access targeted learning and where they can publish their own learning, such as Merlin and Gogglebox are hugely beneficial to children, and encourage them to extend their learning beyond the classroom. However, for both students and teachers, Internet access at school is a privilege and not an entitlement.

There is always a small risk inherent with internet use that children may encounter inappropriate material on the Internet. The school will actively take all reasonable precautions to restrict pupil access to both undesirable and illegal material, as well as educate pupils to take appropriate action if they do come across such material.

Please be very careful when allowing pupils to use social networking sites such as Club Penguin, Moshi Monsters, Facebook, Bebo etc.  Encourage your children not to publish personal information about themselves, and use the sites together.  It is ideal to encourage children to use the internet on a computer situated in a family room.


Helpful links:

Acceptable Use - E Safety Policy




SWGfL Staying Safe Online

Internet Matters offer a Free Online Safetry Guide designed to help parents get equipped with the right tools and tips to help their children start the school year safe online. Download the guide here.