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At Corsham Primary School we pride ourselves that our policies and procedures are always up to date and followed rigorously. When producing a policy we research, consult where appropriate and write, considering exemplar examples and the needs of Corsham Primary School.  Draft policies are reviewed and ratified by the Governing Body.  All policies are then reviewed within specified time scales.

Here is a list of some of our most requested policies and procedures. Some are available to download. If you would like to view any others please feel free to pop into the school office and ask.

If you would like any of these policies translated into your preferred language, please let us know and the necessary arrangements will be made.  If you have difficulty accessing these documents and would like them in any other format, e.g. larger print, please contact the school office.

Acceptable Use - E Safety Policy
Accessibility Policy
Administration of Medication Policy

Admissions Policy Broadwood 2021-2022
Admissions Policy Pound Pill 2021-2022

Admissions Policy Pound Pill 2022-2023
Admissions Policy Broadwood 2022-2023

Animal Welfare
Anti-Bullying Policy
Art Policy
Assessment Policy
Asthma Policy
Behaviour Policy
Behaviour Principles
CCTV Policy
Charging Remission Policy 2018-2019
Children Going Home Procedure
Children with Medical Needs Policy
Collective Worship Policy
Commitment for Remote and Blended Learning
Community Cohesion Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Cookie Notice - MAT Compliant
Customer Service Standards
Data Protection Policy
Dealing with Unacceptable Behaviour on School Premises Policy
Dinner Money Policy
DT Policy
Early Years Foundation Stage Policy
English as an additional Language
First Aid Policy
Food Policy
Freedom of Information Act
Freedom of Information Policy
Habitual or Vexatious Complaints
Health & Safety Policy
History Policy
Hot Weather Policy
ICT Policy
Inclusion Policy
Intimate Care Policy
Learning & Teaching Policy
Lettings Policy
Literacy Policy
Medicine Supporting Children with Medical Conditions
More Able Pupils Policy
Music Policy
Non-Smoking Policy
Numeracy Policy
Parent Carer Communications Policy
Parent Complaints Policy
Privacy Notice - Parents September 2020
Parental Carer Involvement Policy
Photographic Images Policy
Physical Education Policy
Personal Social & Health Education/Citizenship Policy
Preventing Radicalisation 
Privacy Notice Primary School Pupils and their Families February 2021
Privacy Notice Parents and Carers February 2021
Privacy Notice Employees February 2021
Professional Expectations of Staff to include visitors, volunteers and students
Published Equalities Information 2020 - 2021
Pupil Attendance Policy
Pupil Premium Policy
Recycling Policy
Religious Education Policy
Road Safety Policy
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
Annex to Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy - Child Protection during the COVID-19 measures
School Trip Policy
Science Policy
Secure Data Handling Policy
Sex and Relationship Policy
Single Equality Scheme
Site Safety and Security Policy
SEN policy
Trust Management of Complaints Policy



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