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Governance At Corsham Primary School


There is a well established, experienced and supportive governing body that is committed to improvement and make significant personal contributions to the school in terms of time and effort. At Corsham Primary, governance is split into Finance and Strategy Members who oversee the strategic direction and decisions of the school, and Academic Members who oversee teaching and learning.


Our local governing body is held to account by the Pickwick Academy Trust board and Members: PAT website. Please also see this website for for the PAT Auditor's Report.



Chair: Andrew Gough

Vice Chair/Chair of Finance: Gary Webb

Head of School PP: Lindsay Fry

Head of School BW: Kerry Parker

Kevin George

Nigel Copeman

Jennifer Enstone

Madeleine Lovelock

Dominic Sharkey

Emily Ackroyd

Kirsty Hall

Clerk: Ann Biddall



There is a legal requirement for schools to record any potential conflicts of interests between Governing Body members and the impartial execution of their roles. To see this record or to find out more about this please contact the school office or contact our Chair of Governors.


Please click below to see Governors' Declarations of Interest.


Governing Body PAT return 2020-21 (revised)