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We are very proud to have been awarded OUTSTANDING by OFSTED three times in a row now. 

A few quotes from our latest report (June 2013):

"This is an outstanding school."

"Pupils achieve very well during their time in this school."

"Teaching is outstanding with teachers ensuring a rich and varied curriculum that meets the needs of all pupils very well."

"The provision for pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is excellent."

"The governing body and trustees exercise strong oversight of all aspects of the school's work and set a very clear strategic direction for its growth and improvement."

"The care taken to support pupils whose circumstances make them vulnerable is excellent."

"The large proportion of pupils with special educational needs, especially those in the Brook Centre for pupils with speech, language and communication difficulties, make outstanding progress in their learning."

"The quality of teaching and learning is monitored very rigorously and the information gained used very effectively to identify training needs for staff. High quality support is then provided to teachers to enable them to improve."

To read our latest 'Outstanding' OFSTED reports click on one of the following links:

OFSTED Corsham Primary - June 2013

Geography Subject OFSTED Report - November 2011

Following our outstanding Geography Subject OFSTED, they produced this example of how to integrate geography into teaching and learning to create a broad and balanced creative curriculum:

A creative curriculum to support outstanding teaching and learning in geography: Corsham Primary School 

OFSTED Corsham Primary - June 2010


OFSTED Inspection Report 2003

OFSTED Website for Corsham Primary School 

OFSTED Data Dashboard for Corsham Primary School

Corsham Primary School is a caring school that celebrates the diversity of our pupils; we celebrate every pupil's unique gifts and talents. The new OFSTED Dashboard is an information tool that outlines 'raw data' and does not reflect the richness of our inclusive school community.

Click on the link below to view Corsham Primary's OFSTED Data Dashboard