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Class News - Pound Pill

Below you will find the latest news from the classes at our Pound Pill site:

Apples and Pears - w/e 23/07/21 - Superstar: 

We have loved watching the Year 6 production of A Whole New World and the Talent Show, being part of the final assemblies and saying a fond farewell to the year 6 children.  We have also been talking about going into year 1 and all of the joy and excitement it will bring.
We are looking forward to the holidays!

1W/1B - w/e 23/07/21 - Superstar: 

2F/2A - w/e 23/07/21 - Superstars: Paige and Mrs Ferris
This week we enjoyed watching the talent competition and the Year 6 production.
Next week we are looking forward to the summer holidays!

3KL/3W - w/e 23/07/21 - Superstar:
Year 3, what a super year we have had; you are ALL superstars!  We hope you have the most amazing summer.  Stay safe and have fun!

4E/4W - w/e 23/07/21 - Superstar:

5R/5B - w/e 23/07/21 - Superstars: 

6VS/6B - w/e 23/07/21 - Superstars