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Class News - Pound Pill

Below you will find the latest news from the classes at our Pound Pill site:

Apples and Pears - w/e 17/09/21 - Superstar: 

1W/1B - w/e 17/09/21 - Superstars: Jago and Idris
As authors, we have been looking at the Grandma Bird story by Benji Davies and writing super sentences using lots of new vocabulary.
As engineers, we have been learning lots of new techniques - hinges, sliders and pop-ups for our enquiry "How do we move around?"
As mathematicians, we have been practising number bonds to 5.

Next week we will be writing letters to Grandma Bird and using all our engineering skills to create a moving book.

2F/2A - w/e 17/09/21 - Superstars: William and Leo
We have been learning about comparing different numbers when being mathematicians and reading more about "The Rainbow Crow" when being authors.

Next week we are looking forward to writing our own version of "The Rainbow Crow" and learning how animals and humans adapt to their environment.

3KL/3W - w/e 17/09/21 - Superstars: Daisy and Mason
We have had a fantastic week in class, particularly enjoying our demonstration comprehension sessions.  We also had our first swimming session; we were all so well behaved and had a brilliant time.

Next week in our enquiry we will be looking at how water transports through flowers.

4E/4W - w/e 17/09/21 - Superstar:

5R/5B - w/e 17/09/21 - Superstars: George and Macie
This week, Year 5 have immersed themselves in our first enquiry question: "What does Earth look like from the solar system?"  They have been scientists and authors, considering what questions they would ask Tim Peake about his ventures into space and writing the first few lines of script for our class space documentary (coming out soon ...).

Next week, Year 5 will be continuing with their space adventures through their writing as authors.  They are building together a narrative about a young, space-loving girl and her Dad.

6VS/6B - w/e 17/09/21 - Superstar: Naiya
We have started our "Hooked on Books" learning, which builds a deep understanding of the books and texts we read.  We have been learning about how to keep our hearts healthy.

Next week we will be attending a Zoom creative writing session as part of StoryTown of Corsham.  We will be continuing to receive specialist hockey coaching from Mr Peters, and our enquiry will focus on exercise and what constitutes a "healthy" diet.