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"Pupils with speech, language and communication difficulties make outstanding progress."
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SEN at Corsham Primary School

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What are Special Educational Needs?
Special Educational Needs, or SEN, is a term that is used to describe pupils who have needs over and above those that can be met by good quality classroom teaching. These needs may be within speech and language; cognition and learning; social and communication difficulties; or emotional and behavioural difficulties. They may be for a short period or throughout a child’s educational life. They may be identified before a child has even entered school or they may come to be recognised at a specific point in their education.

Corsham Primary School – An Outstanding Approach
Corsham Primary School is proud of the work it does with all its pupils and we have significant strengths working with children with special needs. We build self-esteem with positive learning experiences and successfully involve children with whole school life. The school has a robust Inclusion Policy that has been acknowledged externally through the Inclusion Mark award. We recognise SEN with the intention of addressing unmet needs; and enabling children to have an ability to engage, and develop skills and knowledge to achieve, succeed and even excel beyond their potential across all areas of the curriculum.
We follow the guidelines set out in the Code of Practice for SEN. Teaching staff continually strive to fully understand their pupils and comprehensively meet their needs.

In June 2010 Ofsted graded the quality of learning for pupils with SEN and their progress Outstanding: ‘The school is unstinting in its efforts to meet the widely differing needs of its pupils...The development and well-being of individual pupils facing challenging circumstances is a significant strength. Layers of personalized support for pupils and their families are central to the school’s inclusive approach’.

Specialist Intervention within the mainstream school
The school follows the Wiltshire Indicators and Provision Document (WIPD) guidance, to ensure that when we identify pupils with SEN we are comparable with other Wiltshire schools and there is parity of identification. We currently have 57 children at School Action (SA) on the SEN register, and 42 children at School Action + (SA+). Children at SA generally have their needs met using the knowledge, skills and resources available within school; those at SA+ generally need a higher level of intervention and may require specialist support and advice.

Within the mainstream school there are currently 13 pupils with statements of SEN. These children have the most complex needs and the provision offered is dependent on their learning objectives. The school has two small nurturing teaching groups: the Sunshine Room (KS1) and the Learning Den (KS2) which facilitate specialist educational programmes for our children with significant cognition and learning needs. Our pupils with statements also require one to one work and the opportunity for support to access whole class learning.

Specialist Provision – The Brook Centre
Corsham Primary School has an integrated specialist unit, the Brook Centre, for 18 pupils with specific speech, language and/or social communication difficulties. The Centre supports children throughout the school from Foundation Stage and in both Key Stages (4-11). All these pupils have a statement of SEN and are offered a place in the Centre by the Local Authority. The children access specialist therapeutic and educational work in the Centre, helping them to develop key communication skills and access a full curriculum. The aim is to enable children to return to their local, mainstream provision as quickly as possible.

Parent-School partnership
We are always open to parents contacting the SEN team. Children’s needs are most effectively met by working closely with parents to ensure we offer the best possible outcomes for their child. This may take many forms, for example: individual review meetings; multi-agency meetings; parent support linked with the Parent Support Advisor (PSA); parent workshops; or home-school liaison books/ emails.

Other specialists involved with SEN at Corsham Primary School
We are fortunate to have an excellent relationship with the local authority SEN Advisory team and Educational Psychologist; our Speech and Language Therapist (SALT) and Occupational Therapist (OT); and we collaborate closely to ensure Corsham Primary School delivers SEN interventions designed to have a positive impact.

Teaching Team working within SEN
Staff have a wealth of experience in the field of SEN, facilitated in particular by the embedded work with the Brook Centre. We have a wide range of specific initiatives designed to meet the differing needs of pupils and children may take part in a single, or many different interventions. Differentiated learning is supported by a team of twenty-four skilled and trained teaching assistants (TAs); and pupil progress is tracked and evaluated during this period. Movement in/out of these programmes is flexible and responsive to pupil need. All children follow school procedures for literacy and numeracy targets. In addition SA+ and Statemented pupils have Individual Education Plans (IEPs) which focus on children’s specific areas of difficulty and seek to address their underlying causes.

People supporting SEN
Mrs Hilary Eyley, Brook Centre Manager
Mrs Sara Stone, Brook Centre Teacher
Mrs Jill Hollin, Inclusion Manager (SENCO)
Mrs Clare Simons, SEN Teacher
Ms Jenny Hole, Assistant Headteacher (Pupil Premium)
Mrs Suzette Perry and Mrs Amanda Carozi, TA Managers at Pound Pill and Broadwood
Mrs Ghika Savva-Coyle and Siobhan Smillie, SEN Governors

SEN Jargon Buster written by Wiltshire Council

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