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Class News - Pound Pill

Below you'll find the latest news from the classes at our Pound Pill site:

W/E: 15/02/19 Apples/Pears - Superstars: Elijah N and Rosie H

We have loved getting our role plays ready this week and learning the story of The Paper Dolls.  We have all been telling and writing stories.
We are looking forward to half term and then talking and writing about our news.  We are looking forward to starting our new topic "Whoosh, Off We Go".

W/E: 15/02/19 1J and 1W - Superstars:  Libby and Chloe

The children have really enjoyed learning about the story of Hanukkah this week.  The children have also been evaluating the brilliant toys they made.
Happy Half Term!  We hope you have a lovely holiday.

W/E: 15/02/19 - 2S and 2A - Superstar: Martha D

This week we have enjoyed learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.
After half term we are looking forward to reading Jack and the Jelly Beanstalk.

W/E: 15/02/19 3P and 3W - Superstars: William B and Robert-Richard S

We have been making colourful pop art sculptures this week.  We are looking forward to our new topics next term.

W/E: 15/02/19 4A and 4E - Superstars: Nancy and Amelia

This week we have had such a fun week with Aztec Day and the children running the school!
Happy half term everyone - see you on Tuesday 26th February!

W/E: 15/02/19 5HP and 5B - Superstars: Noah M and George H

This week we have been using bar and area models to help us with adding and subtracting fractions in maths.  We wrote our own poems in English.
We hope everyone has a super half term!

W/E: 15/02/19 6R and 6RV - Superstars: 

We really enjoyed running the school for the day - look out in the March newsletter for our press release!
Have a lovely half term - don't forget that school opens again on Tuesday 26 February as Monday is a Teacher Development Day.