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Class News - Pound Pill

Below you'll find the latest news from the classes at our Pound Pill site:

W/E:14/02/20 Apples/Pears - Superstars: Katie C and Freya G

This week we celebrated Valentines Day and have been learning about Axel Scheffler and being illustrators.
Next term we will be learning about transport and vehicles.


W/E: 14/02/20 1B and 1W - Superstars: Tigerlily B and Zophie A
This week we have been making our own toys - using new equipment and learning new skills.
Next term we will be looking at Antarctica.  Lost and Found is going to be our focus text, looking at where animals live.


W/E: 14/02/20 2F and 2A - Superstars: Asher B and Louis G
This week in maths we have been learning about fractions and how to find half, quarter and third.  We will be continuing with this after the holidays.  In English, we have been writing letters and book reviews - we are looking forward to sharing our learning on Parent's Day.  next term we are looking forward to our trip to the SS Great Britain in Bristol.


W/E: 14/02/20 3K and 3W - Superstars: Olivia H and Betsy K
We have been busy finishing off geographical models and we have all made a pneumatic toy.  We have been learning about fronted adverbials and fractions.  We are looking forward to half term.


W/E: 14/02/20 4PH and 4E - Superstars: Louis C and Lois
Year 4 has had a visitor this week.  They came and spoke to the children about Judaism.  We learnt a Jewish song and tasted special bread.  We are looking forward to half term and after half term we will be practising for our class assembly.


W/E: 14/02/20 5R and 5B - Superstars:  Bobby and Elsie
We have been building on our fractions knowledge and have started a new class book!  We have been learning to sketch self-portraits using different media.  After half term, our Egyptian assembly planning will begin.


W/E: - 14/02/20 6R and 6VS- Superstars: Monte B and William A
This week we videoed our Haka dance.  We have been re-writing a chapter of "The Explorer" whilst exploring measurement. We are looking forward to half term after which we are continuing with "The Explorer" whilst introducing a new book soon!