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Class News - Broadwood

Below you'll find the latest news from the classes at our Broadwood site:

W/E 14/02/2020 - Strawberries - Superstar:  Andrew D
This week we have enjoyed bing illustrations and creating our own book characters and using positional language in Maths.  We wish everyone a lovely half term and beginning our new topic of "Whoosh, Off We Go!"


W/E 14/02/2020 - 1/2M, 1/2W, 1/2OT - Superstars: Morgan, Tariq and Destiny
This week we have had a great time creating owl and firework pictures using paint, collage and chalk.  Next week we are looking forward to a lie in and catching up with friends.
W/E 14/02/2020 - 3/4R, 3/4M, 3/4I - Superstars: 
We have had a brilliant week in 3/4.  On Tuesday we had a Jewish visitor who came in and taught us about Judaism.  We did some acting and learnt a song.  

/E  14/02/2020 - 5TR - Superstar: Emlyn D
This week we have enjoyed learning about separating materials.  We are starting to prepare for our Egyptian assembly.

W/E 014/02/2020 - 6HP- Superstar: Mia R

We have been writing exciting adventure stories based on "The Explorer".  We have been looking at measure in maths.  After half term, we will be looking at algebra in maths.  We will be writing newspaper reports in English.